How long does it take to build a planter?    If you have the wood cut at your lumber store, it should take about an hour to assemble. If you cut the wood yourself, it should take a bit longer.

What are the dimensions of the completed planter?    The completed planter is 30″ wide, which enables an adult to easily reach across, and 72″ long. There is an option to make a 30″ tall version or a 40″ tall version.

How much does the whole thing cost? As of March, 2018, the cost of all materials in the included shopping list was around $90, locally.

How much soil do I need to fill it?    It takes between ten and twelve cubic feet of soil mix to fill, with a bit of space remaining at the top.

Why plans?    I built a few of these for our garden and our neighbors’ garden. They work well for us, and are praised by neighbors and visitors alike. I would like to share them with others, but the cost of shipping is outrageous. So, I thought I’d offer the plans for people to make their own.

Why charge?    My plans are for a quality product that can be built quickly and enjoyed for years, and that’s worth something.

Will you make one for me? If you are local to Springfield, Oregon, and have a truck that can fit such an item in the back, I will consider making one for you. Please fill out the contact form, indicating your wishes and your location. We can discuss it further via email.

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