We’ve scoured the internet for interesting ways people are repurposing used coffee grounds (and tea leaves). Below are some common and not-so-common ideas. These are not specific recommendations. Use care and common sense if you choose to try them:

Home and Kitchen

  1. The Fridge: Coffee grounds act the same as baking soda in the refrigerator. Put a cup of old grounds in the back of your fridge to keep it fresh.1
  2. Your Closet: Let your used coffee grounds dry and fill part of an old nylon with them. Hang your DIY sachet in your closet to absorb odors.2
  3. Disposal: Pour some coffee grounds down the garbage disposal to freshen it up and keep the blades sharp.3
  4. Go Fishing: The next time you go fishing keep your worms in coffee grounds to keep them fresher longer.1
  5. Ash dust: Make cleaning your fireplace less dusty by sprinkling your wet coffee grounds over the ashes before you sweep them up.#
  6. Dye paper: Coffee grounds make a great natural dye for paper. Simply soak the paper in a bucket with water and coffee grounds. 4
  7. Cockroach Trap:  use a can with grounds inside, sticky tape on edges.
  8. Scrubbing Boost:  add to scouring pad for extra scrubbing (avoid surfaces that could stain).
  9. Spice:  enhances certain food flavors.  *clearly this would need to be fresh, not old moldy stuff*
  10. Pin Cushion:  helps keep pins from rusting.

Garden and Pets

  1. Fight Fleas:  Add some coffee grounds to your dog’s bath as a natural flea repellent.3 Or, rub into fur after bath (rinse thoroughly) as flea killer and fur softener.
  2. Fruit Plant Mulch:  Use coffee grounds as a mulch (a good half-inch thick layer) around blueberries, fruit trees, currants and cane fruit. 6
  3. High Nitrogen Feeding:  Coffee grounds make an excellent side-dressing for leafy greens like spinach, and hungry fruiting veggies, like tomatoes and squash. They are high in nitrogen, at about 10%. “[T]he carbon to nitrogen ratio of coffee grounds can be as low as 11:1, an ideal ratio for plant and soil nutrition,” according to WSU extension.  6
  4. Vermicomposting:  Worms love coffee grounds, as part of a balanced composting diet.  6
  5. Suppression of Fungal Diseases:  coffee grounds “appear to suppress some common fungal rots and wilts, including Fusarium, Pythium, and Sclerotinia species,” according to grounds act as a natural anti-fungal, suppressing rots and wilts on such crops as tomatoes and peppers.  6
  6. Soil Pest Deterrent:  coffee grounds deter garden pests like root maggots, which helps preserve veggies like carrots and radishes.
  7. Other Pest Deterrent:  coffee grounds also help deter ants, snails, and slugs (note: not an eliminator, just a deterrent).  6
  8. Keep Cats Out:  Chopped orange peel mixed with coffee grounds acts as a natural cat deterrent in the garden.

Personal Care

  1. Body Wash:  Combine coffee grounds with coconut oil and just a bit of brown sugar and you’ll have yourself a homemade body scrub for the shower.  4
  2. Odor Remover:  Get rid of the smell of garlic and onion from your hands by scrubbing them with coffee grounds.  5
  3. Exfoliant:  melt into glycerin soap.  #
  4. Anti-Acne:  skin care – exfoliator, anti-acne (add to coconut oil, vit E , or jojoba oil)  #
  5. Hair Color:  hair color/conditioner (for dark hair types)  #

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