A recently published report found that nearly fifteen percent of US households now have a single-cup brewer. Another poll by Harris Interactive found that one-third of all Americans have a single-cup brewer either at home or at work. That’s a lot of coffee beans, tea leaves, paper, aluminum, and plastic ! There is an easy way to keep it all from ending up in the landfill. We can soften the environmental footprint, and reap some tangible reward from doing so.


Those grounds and leaves, and the paper filters, are not ‘waste’. They are, in fact, quite valuable. Sure, they can’t brew you another cup, but – as Dr. Seuss might say – they have other uses, yes, far beyond that. Have a look at the ‘uses’ page to learn what you can do with used coffee grounds and tea leaves.

The GroundsSaver standing-Bamboo-etsy

The GroundsSaver is designed so breaking down single-use capsules is a breeze… and emptying out re-usable capsules takes no time all. The goal of The GroundsSaver is to make our daily coffee habits more earth friendly. Each GroundsSaver is hand-crafted from alder or bamboo, so no two are exactly alike.

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Have a look at our products. ¬†Each one is hand-made, which means NO TWO ARE THE SAME! Each GroundsSaver is a unique piece of functional American kitchen utensil artistry. The GroundsSaver is a time saver… And a garden saver… A pet saver… A skin saver… And it makes a great gift, too.
NOTE: known to work well with Keurig*, Tassimo*, Nespresso*, and CBTL* capsules. Verismo* capsules are made with thick plastic tops that are not easily removed by this wood product, but the GroundsSaver can still remove the grounds from Verismo with extra effort.