The GroundsSaver is designed to help make breaking down single-use capsules simple and easy… and emptying out re-usable capsules takes no time all. The goal of The GroundsSaver is to make our daily coffee habits more earth friendly. Each GroundsSaver is hand-made for you in alder wood or bamboo. No two are the same!

stockvault-tea-and-coffee-mug98262GOOD! –> Coffee and Tea

We all love a good cup of coffer or tea.  After we use a single-serve coffee maker, we are faced with a decision. If we’ve used a disposable capsule, we get rid of valuable coffee grounds, and are filling the landfills with large volumes of containers. We are confronted with that ‘waste’ every time we brew a cup. If we use a re-usable capsule, we still have to dispose of the grounds – either in the trash or down the sink.

CleaningCapsule200x200Also GOOD! –> Coffee and Tea Leftovers

But the paper, foil, aluminum, coffee, and tea are reusable or recyclable. We can save our used grounds and leaves for our yards and gardens, or other household uses. We can save space in the landfills by emptying the containers and reducing volume, keeping much of the ‘waste’ out altogether. Even the foil can be diligently saved for recycling.

InstructionGrabForBlogsepia200x200GREAT! –> The GroundsSaver

The GroundsSaver is a simple kitchen tool to help ‘harvest’ the materials from your brewing capsules, whether you’ve got a re-usable one or you are brewing from single-use capsules.
SackOfEmpties200x200StackOfEmpties200x200 This is an awesome product. It will make you happy.
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Works with most major brands’ capsules
  • Keurig


  • Nespresso


  • Tassimo


  • CBTL